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Our Mission

    Our Mission from the Vision of Father McGiveney:
  • To aid one another in times of sickness or death, by means of a simple insurance plan, so that their wives and children would not face abject poverty.
  • To strengthen themselves and each other in the Faith.
  • To strengthen families and family life.
  • To be a strong pillar of support for their priests and bishops.
  • To be of service to Church and community by coming to the aid of those most in need in society.

Upcoming Events

  • 7/27 @6pm Council budget meeting at the Church
  • 8/9 @5pm Squires business meeting
  • 8/13 @7pm Council business meeting
  • 8/17 @7pm Confrimation "Calling all 4th Degree Knights"
  • 8/20 @7pm Columbiettes business meeting
  • 8/23 Spanish First Degree Ceremony

22nd Anniversary Celebration


Council major Youth Event with Columbiettes and Squires was held at Lake Jordan. there was plenty of fishing, swimming hiking and praying over the two night weekend. In a wonderful display of Unity, the Hispanic Council contributed two meals on Saturday which everyone enjoyed and are grateful.We will need more of them camping with us next year.... We added an illuminated Rosary prayer to the event after it was dark by the campfire and Father Philip came all the way out there to celebrate Mass Saturday night. some interesting games were water football and no rules volley ball... Press releases have been made and a later announcement when they are published.

July 11th
Council 10891 won awards for four programs: Youth - second place; membership - 4th place; Council - 4th place; and Culture of Life - 3rd place (tie)

July 19th
St. Joseph Squires was presented from the State Council a first place award in Membership. This was announced at the annual Squires State Convention.

July 20th
The Squires Charter customer framing was finished and is awaiting presentation.

July 26
Installation of Officers and District Deputy followed by a picnic fundraiser at noon by the Columbiettes which will include Hispanic food as well as Filipino specialties.

June 21
Fathers Day Events this year included the Blessing of Fathers and the Rosaries we handed out at all Masses. Father Philip was given a monetary gift to use at his discretion. Happy Father's Day.

May 17th
State Convention News - Carl McCollom and Cecil represented us as our Council Delegates. Steve Attended as an observer and to conduct business with the State officials. We have won the prestigious Youth Service Award from Supreme (top program in the State of NC) for the second year in a row, and third out of four years... We also won from the State, the Council Unity Award. Congratulations to our Council for leading the State for our Youth!

May 1st
State fundraising raffle has raised a record-setting number and put us in the double bonus range if it is offered again this year. We should have the funds to complete the 2014-15 fraternal year.

April 18th
Seven Knights from our Council completed their 4th Degree. This is the highest number to make it at the same time in any of our memories... St. Joseph's Church and the Columbianets hosted a reception after the 9am Mass April 26th. The seven Sir Knights refer to themselves as the Magnificent Seven!

March 31st
Brother Franklin Lara made the contribution that put us over the top on the Food for Families program. We had to raise 1,000 lbs of food donations plus 100 hrs of food services for the poor to qualify for the Supreme bonus and plaque award.

Feb 28th
Council 10891 sponsored the creation and installation of a new Squires Circle at the upstairs Parish Hall. Fifteen young men made the grand step as being the first Squires in the Council.Congratulations one and all!

Feb 14th
5 members made their 3rd Degree at Clemmons...Congratulations to Franklin Lara, William Bonahy, Alejandro Garcia, Roberto Perez, and Dewen Manewan.

Feb 12th
Council 10891 has begun its State Fund Raising Raffle Ticket campaign. Knights will be selling raffle tickets until April 22nd. Great prizes for the winners and a donation to a worthy cause for everyone.

Dec 13th
Family Knights Christmas Party went well. We had about 11 children plus Knights. Entertainment included a Santa Claus for the kids, a Knights band for classic pop Christmas songs/carols/ sing-a-long. Awards ceremony for Council and Council Knights conducted by District Deputy Joe Deering.Turnout by brother knights could have been better. Many awards were announced but not handed out because of absence...

Past News


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